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11-30-2005, 07:11 AM
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just a few morning after thoughts about things i haven't seen mentioned on here so far over a cup of coffee...

...many think erat simply missed a wide open net on that empty net attempt with about 30 seconds to go. a calgary defensiveman, regehr i think, made a great play by getting his stick out there to defelct the puck high. erat's shot was on the ice, but the stick ski-ramped it over the net.. now i did think erat took too long to take the shot and let the dman get over to make the play

..sullivan... horrible penalty to take with 3 minutes left in a 1-0 game... could have been disasterous. you cann't take that hooking penalty deep in your own offensive zone that late in the game. it was a bonehead penalty, which i'm sure sullivan knows

..6 penalties against us last night. all 6 penalties were called for hooking. makes for an unusual looking scoresheet

..kariya...anyone else dreads when paul attempts one of those backhand cross-ice passes thru traffic?. 2 of those were intercepted last night and led to rushes going the other way. seems like there's been about 5 of those in the last 3-4 games.

..still have no idea how that one flame (langkow? kobasew?) missed that wide open net in the first with no one on him and vokoun in the butterfly on the other side of the post

..zids played hard after the first defensively. god knows he needed too after the first period turnovers he had. could tell trotz hadn't forgotten them in the after game press conference

.. this idiot that calls in with the fake canadian accent. why in the world don't they screen the guy out. it's an embarressment to listen to.

..i agree with trotz that our top two lines had bad games offensively. the first line generated a few chances but couldn't get the puck on net or a decent shot after they had created anything. the 2nd line could get nothing going period.

..calgary's pk unit totally killed our pp unit for the entire game (except the last one when they were scrambling to tie it up while shorthanded). stood us up at the blueline all night on the pp, made it impossible to carry the puck in and get set up. and when we did dump it in, we dumped it around the boards too soft and allowed kiprusoff to stop the puck easily and kick it to someone to clear

..any team with phaneuf, regehr, and hamrlik back on their blueline is going to be a tough defensive team

..hordichuk played a fine aggresive game.. he him and upshall hit someone every single shift. speaking of upshall, one time the kid came flying in, hit one of the bigger flame dmen and almost knocked himself out.

..calagary makes you physically pay for every piece of real estate you gain against them. want to get the puck up to the neutral zone? you have to take a hit. want to chip the puck into the offensive zone? have to take another hit.

..allison only played 11:58, but this was a much better game by him than against dallas. laid a couple of nice hits along the boards squeezing forwards off the puck

..i still believe that our first line should be kariya-legwand-hartnell. we need a front of the net guy like hartnell to create more space in the offensive zone for kariay and legwand once we have to sit up in the offensive zone.

..part of our pp trouble last night was bad luck. i say that because of the timing of the pp's we got. on almost every pp we had, the guys on our first pp unit were just coming off shifts, and our 2nd unit had to start out on the pp... happened 5 straight times last night and was why our 2nd pp unit had more icetime than kariya

..hamhuis and suter on the 2nd unit pp blueline are going to be stars on the pp for years to come... however, right now, they are too tentative out there as to when to take that point shot and when not to. can almost see the hesitancy some nights. last night i thought that happened to us several times when we should have simply been cranking a quick shot from the point it seemed like iginla played about 45 minutes(25 actually).. the guy was out there every time you looked up, and scares you to death when he's out there on the pk and your pp is struggling to get the puck intot he offensive zone

they're all great wins, but this was a great team win

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