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12-04-2011, 12:59 PM
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Sher-wood Nexon N12

I just bought this stick and thought I'd share a bit about it and maybe other people who've used it could chime in.

My last two sticks were the one95 and the 2010 u+ CL (both broke), so I was looking for something higher-end without the $250 price tag. Mainly I was searching for last seasons stock marked down but I didn't have much luck. Then I picked up the n12 in a cyclone taylor. At $160 it didn't seem unreasonable. I'd heard Sher-wood was trying to improve their top end options, as the T90 sort of capped consumers options at a mid-line stick.

The first thing I noticed was the balance which is fantastic. Coming from the impeccable balance of the one95, I was still impressed. Second thing that got me was the incredible light weight. I'm not sure what it weighs in at - i can't seem to find that information online - but just trying to compare in store I'd say it compares to the TotalONE (possibly slightly lighter?).

At first I was unsure because they only had it in a Coffey curve with 95 flex (my normal curve is the P88 and an 85 flex chopped down, probably to about a 95) but after comparing it to other curves in store, it seems to be almost identical to the P88 with a slightly lower lie and a square toe (did they tone the coffey back?)

The stick also has an area of about 6 inches at the top where it claims it can be cut without altering the flex, meaning if I cut it, it would still be at 95 flex, so I thought this would actually end up being perfect for me (though after cutting it, it does feel a bit stiffer than my old sticks, so not sure how true this is).

I've only used it once, so I don't have a great feel for it yet. The blades a bit smaller and I was having trouble feeling the sweet spot on one timers. The stick is also quite pingy and I'm feeling most of the vibrations on my shots - I'm hoping that goes away once I get used to the slightly different lie and pattern.

For anyone that cares about the aesthetics, I think it looks fantastic - matte black with dark grey SHERWOOD across it - there's not much going on and that's how I like it.

Balance: great.
Extremely lightweight: check
puck feel: decent - doesn't compare to the one95 but not many things do. stick handling actually felt quite good but the stick was quite pingy when receiving passes and taking one timers. I'm hoping I just need to find that sweet spot.
shot: average, slightly pingy. the stick may be a bit stiff for me. I'll be able to update this better once I get a few more sessions in me.

The only con I have right now is the lack of vibration reduction, though it claims to have great vib. red. as one of its selling points. I'm hoping it's a ME issue and I'm not finding the sweet spot on the slightly smaller blade (The blade does appear to be incredibly stiff compared to other brands - good? bad? time will tell)

Is anyone else using this stick? What have your experiences been?

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