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12-04-2011, 01:14 PM
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The talent level at the public and catholic level has def. gone down over the last decade or so, partially b/c of the fact that many kids are either playing in prep schools or juniors. Malden Catholic and St. John's Prep both had terrific teams last year, each with a fair share of D1 bound talent on it, but those were the two best teams I had seen at the HS level in a long's hard for the publics and even to a degree, the Catholics, to maintain as high a level of talent as they used to. Catholic Memorial, prob the best program in MA history, missed the playoffs altogether last year, almost unthinkable. I think that illustrates how the Catholic schools aren't getting the same type of players they used to.
Is that why Hingham won two years ago because the public schools can't keep up? I would say the public schools are getting better and better because the talent overall is growing not the other way around.

So, you say the Catholic schools are struggling but every team you mentioned is Catholic and are almost always the most dominate schools with the except of Highham, Weymouth and Arlington.

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