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12-04-2011, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by rushockey View Post
Kuznetsov is an unbelievable talent. I believe he may be on par with Malkin with a unique ability to get into the next gear when it really matters. I think Kuznetsov may be the most important piece if the Caps to ever win the Cup in the next decade. I want to see him in Caps uniform and with some young talent Caps can become the team all the fans wanted Caps to become in the last 3 years.

Unfortunately I see a big problem here, which is Ovechkin. I have a strong opinion that Ovechkin being this sort of father figure for Orlov and Kuznetsov will be a bad thing. Neither Kuznetsov nor Orlov need a guy like Ovechkin to be by their side. I believe that demise of Semin is partially to blame on Ovechkin's influence and Varlamov is lucky that he escaped this atmosphere. Move to Colorado will give Varlamov a chance at rediscovering himself.

I really want Ovechkin to be gone when Kuznetsov will join the Caps. It will do good things for all the parties, including Ovechkin himslef.
Wow, the main reason if not the only reason Kuz is coming is cos of As for Semin he will be gone.

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