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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
That depends which or both of '02 and/or '07 you want to credit/blame him for.

It was 15 players x 30+ in the 10 drafts up until '01.
Then only Eaves ('03) and Foligno ('06).

Not sure where you're going with this, but Ottawa is/was a great example of a great drafting team. I know Murray is credited with drafting this phenomenal stable of youngsters, but in 4/5 years of drafting... we haven't realized a lot of this potential into actual NHL'ers yet. I would agree with the sentiment that it's too early to judge most of these youngsters either way, but while conceding that point -> you'd have to realize that it's too early to judge Murray a drafting guru who made it possible for us to trade away all of our NHL talent.
Agreed, it's way too early to judge. From 2008 (Murray's first real draft) to 2011, I think it's very possible to get 6 30 point forwards, the 1.5 per draft pace from up until 2001.

How was this even started anyway? Silfverberg is pretty much a lock to be a 30 point scorer unless he completely falls off the map.

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