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12-04-2011, 02:36 PM
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It might be true that this is hockey getting negative publicity but, having just read the entire article, it can't be denied that it's still a strong and emotional piece that was very well researched. The quotes from Boogard's private notes are chilling.

It's a tough situation. I'm personally against fighting in hockey but I think it's clear after reading this article that Derek's problems stemmed from far more than just being an enforcer in the NHL. There's no direct correlation drawn that says his depression and substance abuse was solely caused by his role as a hockey player and I think the article was pretty fair in pointing that out. Him and his family led a nomadic lifestyle that would have been difficult for any child to grow up in not to mention a child that was already prone to being ostracized due to his abnormal size. It's also pretty clear that he probably had some learning disability that was never properly diagnosed and treated as well as some social and behavioral issues that manifested themselves at a young age. Even without the fighting there were a lot of elements that did not bode well for Derek.

All in all just a sad story.

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