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Originally Posted by Bill_Meltzer View Post
I think the general belief on Hexy is that he had one great season (his rookie year), one very good season (1995-96), several good ones and just as man injury prone/underacheiving ones.

Honestly, I think all the groin pulls forced him to change his style and he went from a very fluid and athletic goalie to more a flopper/guesser who remained an excellent puck handler. He still had a fine career but not a HHOF one, despite his extraordinary puck-handling prowess.

Just a quick factual correction. It was Reggie Leach, not Bernie, who won the Conn Smythe in 1976 when the Flyers lost in the Finals to the Canadiens. Bernie was injured, and Wayne Stephenson was in goal. Bernie won the Conn Smythe in both '74 and '75 Cup rins.
Bill, please read what I wrote again on that... I said Hexy won the Conn Smythe as a losing goalie and also mentioned Bernie won two. IIRC both Leach, as you pointed out, won one in that loss to the Habs, after a great Postseason... and Hextall also won in the seven game loss to the Oilers.

As for Hextall being HHoF worthy... I guess my heart was writing what my head should have not wrote... Hexy didn't have as many real good years. My point I suppose was that Bernie really had those two great seasons with two Cups... but I guess he had enough other good ones before his career was cut short with the eye injury... With that Hexy was able to amass more wins over his Flyers career.

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