Thread: Injury Report: Nino Diagnosed with Concussion
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12-04-2011, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by islandersfreak21 View Post
Wow. I am sick to my stomach over this. If this guy is not suspened for that the Islanders better take things into their own hands.
Please tell me how we are going to take things into our own hands at the moment? Who on this team besides Martins has balls? Which one of purse swingers are gonna do anything?
The truth is this is the softest group of hockey players I have ever seen for an NHL team. I mean Matt Martin as the only guy who truly mixes it up? Thats pathetic. This line-up with the exception of Martin has no balls and are just a very soft group.

Not only does Dallas know they cheap shot us, push us around play dirty, but this also sends the wrong message to every other team in the NHL.
Every team now knows they will beable to get away with anything they want with this team because as much as I hate to say it as an Islander fan this team is just filled with soft players who are unwilling to send messages.

I am sick and tired of ALWAYS being the team that gets pushed around and I find it funny that real Islanders fans keep putting up with this year after year. Why cant we be the team no one wants to face? Why cant we be be the team thats takes no S***.
Im sick of always being the team that gets pushed around.
Notice at the end of last year, with Konopka,Haley,Gillies and Martin were in the lineup, NOT ONE CHEAP SHOT WAS TAKEN. Hmmm i WONDER WHY?

I am fed up the last couple of years our prospects have almost gotton killed with no retalitation with the exception of the pitt game.
In the last couple years Frans was concussed with a head shot, noone does a damn thing, KO almost got killed by Phenuf and noone did anything, Nino gets concussed with a brutal head shot nothing is done about it,Tavares was abused ect.
I am sick and tired of our young guys being hurt because of dirty head shots and noone responds, it makes me sick

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