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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Tendons and ligaments absolutely can be strengthened. They take very much longer to do so, however. Don't believe me?

Try doing this:

Now that you've tried this, you may notice that your fingers have swollen to the size of bratwursts, and you are in an incredible amount of pain.

Why isn't he?

Hmmmm...there's more to this than we previously thought!
The role of a ligament in the human body is to provide stability to joints. They can stretch very slightly but cannot contract. Ligaments are not elastic.

Exercise does strengthen muscles that will take the strain off of ligaments.

What your video showed was the use of tendons in the hand, not ligaments. And yes, there are muscles in the fingers. Those tendons in the fingers transfer the pull of muscle to a bone.

But if you think that you can work out your ligaments and tendons to make them stronger, more power to you. (Really you will be strengthening your muscles so that will benefit them.)

You could take some supplements that help build up collagen levels.

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