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12-05-2011, 02:49 AM
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Curves tend to change slightly over the years, these two curves used to be a bit different AFAIK, but if you compare them now they're essentially identical. I've compared the P92 lie 6 to the Easton Sakic closely in store, and they're as close as two curves are ever gonna get, agreed with the other posters that you should consider them to be the same curve, especially in their newest versions.

To add to that, the Warrior Kopitar (which is listed as a 5 lie) is also basically identical to these two curves. It's a little confusing, because the Kopitar is listed as a 5 lie, the Hall/Sakic a 5.5 lie, and the P92 a 6 lie, but the different companies just measure lie differently, the lies/rockers of all 3 curves are the same in real life.

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