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12-05-2011, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Brodeur View Post
I don't suppose there's a reason against it other than it being convenient for David Stern and the NBA operations people to be close to their home base. I didn't see the 2011 Draft but was Prudential Center filled to capacity? Usually it's held in the Theater at MSG which has a capacity of 5,600.

The other factor is teams trade draft picks like candy in the NBA. It's tough to be the draft host if you somehow don't end up having a first round pick. Back in 1996, the Blues were set to host the Draft. Beforehand, Mike Keenan had a trade in place to acquire Jason Allison for a first round pick but ownership vetoed the deal because they wanted to have a pick as hosts.

Just taking a look at 2012, ten first rounders already have some conditions attached to them. Seems like a safe bet that a few more get dealt before the deadline.

The NHL is the fun draft since each team sends its GM and 10+ other representatives to be there. Every other sport, teams still phone in their picks and David Stern (and the deputy commish) make the actual announcements. Might seem a trivial matter to convince each NBA team to send their front offices, but it's not necessarily a given that teams will want to fly out for the weekend.
How did the NHL manage that back in the 1980s?

Surely fans of other teams would like to host the draft, only that year they'd rather somehow find a way to get a first-rounder, 30th overall traded to the host team on draft day though it may be.

Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
Now that I think of it, rotating draft locations are something that the NHL does, but not the NBA or the NFL. For those two leagues, "rotating" is switching between NY-area bases. The NHL is the only league that rotates draft locations between arenas.

I guess they could...but the draft is usually held in the NY area, so
To my knowledge, MLS also has rotating draft locations. Don't know whether MLS does like the NHL (i.e. sending in the GM, the head scout and a couple of assistants, perhaps the head coach as well) or just phone in the picks.

I guess the MLB draft doesn't matter as much to its sport as the other four drafts so MLB would likely not amount to much of anything with rotating drafts.

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