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12-05-2011, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Railman View Post

Palushaj is a top line scoring winger at the AHL level. He's just not having offensive success in the NHL. Guess what? Not every player makes it in their early 20's.

People forget that the guy is only 22, three years younger than D'Agostini. He's certainly not a lost cause at this point in his career.
I saw more talent & finish in Nigel Dawes and they let him walk.

Maybe it's nerves and he'll eventually get over it but to me Palushaj doesn't have any finish. I saw it last year when he played the odd game here and I definitely saw it this year. He reminds me of Gionta on one of his bad streaks and even then he doesn't look half as good as Gionta. Palushaj is always missing the net.

And on the rare occasion he does hit his shot is not as bad as Gomez's but not as good as DD's or Koivu's.

His positioning in the offensive zone lacks vision and anticipation. In other words he's always putting himself in the wrong place.

He has straight away speed but has next to nil creativity with the puck. Compare him with Pleks, Eller or DD or even Andrei and you'll see he fails in that category.

He doesn't have the break out speed of a Cole and he doesn't have the physicality of a Cole or even a Moen.

So aside from the fact that he's 22 what exactly does he bring to the rink on a NHL level?

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