Thread: Islanders Point Blank: Calling Mr. Shanahan!
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12-05-2011, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by NineHoleGoal View Post
I completely agree with TennesseeJedd on this. As a matter of fact, I just watched the video a couple more times and this has NOTHING TO DO WITH NINO HAVING HIS HEAD DOWN. Nino was looking at Fistric before Fistric even committed to making the hit. This is all about Nino driving hard through the neutral zone with the puck. He was watching Fistric but his body posture put his head lower than normal, but it wasn't a matter of staring down at the puck.

Fistric needs to be accountable for recognizing that a guy is in a vulnerable position. He totally sees Nino's body posture and then powers upwards on his skates putting his shoulder and upper arm right into Nino's head. If this isn't HEAD HUNTING I don't know what is! And believe me, I love the hitting aspect of the game. I think it's uber-crucial to having a winning hockey club. You don't see MM hitting dirty and he leads the league in hits. There are several other ways Fistric could have hit Nino. The honest answer is that Nino had his shoulder down and Fistric was scared to go shoulder to shoulder with him, so he took the cowardly way out and went shoulder to head. Nino would have levelled Fistric if they went shoulder to shoulder right there. Nino was driving hard and had tons of momentum moving through the neutral zone. Obviously Fistric doesn't understand the fine art of a hip check as that would have been the best legal play to make there.

Nino may not be perfect but he's here and he was improving every game. We have guys on this Islanders team that make just as many mistakes as Nino but have years of experience in the NHL. As mentioned earlier, if Nino is to blame for this then we must blame Crosby, Savard, and Nielsen for the hits they've taken during their careers.

And as far as player development goes, I think you have to take it on a case by case basis. You can't just say all players below 20 years old shouldn't be in the NHL. We wouldn't have Tavares or Hamonic if that were the case, and they're certainly ready.

Edit: Btw, David Ullstrom is ready for the NHL. Just in case some of you haven't noticed.
Where did I fault nino on not keeping his head up?

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