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12-05-2011, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
Is that why Hingham won two years ago because the public schools can't keep up? I would say the public schools are getting better and better because the talent overall is growing not the other way around.

So, you say the Catholic schools are struggling but every team you mentioned is Catholic and are almost always the most dominate schools with the except of Highham, Weymouth and Arlington.

Actually, the publics (Reading and Hingham) have recently won, precisely for the reason I mentioned, that the talent level overall has decreased. The gap is closing between the catholics and the I said, last year St. John's had a great team, they lost players to graduation, and more importantly, they lost their star freshman, Eiserman, to a Cushing Academy. I think you are seeing more kids take that route, or juniors, and less actually stay and play for their town teams, unfortunately.

I didn't say they are struggling, I said they have a tougher time maintaining great teams, with great talent year after year...see CM

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