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12-05-2011, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HagelinFan62 View Post
He is on pace for about 50 points right now with a 42 game schedule. And if he has a better second half which has has the past two seasons then he could most certainly come close to 60 points.

45 points? That would be a decline in his production from so far.
I'm of the mindset that teams will be a bit more keen on him thus making it more difficult for him to continue this pace.

Additionally, the last two 2nd halfs were after WJC appearances where he gained confidence by being the #1 LW on Team USA.

He has no luxury for that this year.

Just because he is trending a certain direction doesn't mean or promise that he will continue to trend in that direction.

Lastly, I would love to see 42 games played. I just expect to see 39 games played.

23+ goals and 22 assists is still a very fine season.

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