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12-05-2011, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
That's why he won't get traded, he's much mroe valuable to the Avs than he is to other teams.

Just noticed your ninja edit, which is ridiculous. Did you not watch the last game where Staz showed why he's the best passer on the team when he hit EJ streaking up the weakside and almost scored his first of the year? Staz is absurdly under-rated by some people because he's paid a million more than he should be. What it would take for the Avs to part with him would be a better first liner and that's not happening. His value as a center is huge so any trade for a winger would have to either bring back a better winger than staz is a center or a top 2 center and a good scoring line winger. Either of which we won't get for him.

he had one good game in two seasons? your right, hes worth six million dollars.

the guy is wayyyyyy over rated by other Avs fans, im trying to be realistic here. hes not too good.

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