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11-02-2003, 05:46 PM
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You should take this thread and send it to the mods. You might want to try Buffaloed or one of the mods on the NHL talk board. Our mods seem to have kept him from here as like I have said, I haven't seen him post here and I am here most every day.

If I do see him around here I will tell him what I think and if he is out of line I will do what anyone would do and report him. Other than that, why here and why us? I mean, I understand that a guy like that is more suited to than he is here but all you are hearing from the people on this board is that we don't see him around and if we do we report him. If there is some specific way I or any of us can provide you with some help let us know, I am sure most of us would want to but to be honest with you, I guess i just don't know what you are saying in your above post. To me you are again pointing out that the guy is useless and that he writes stupid things and if he wrote what you say he did then if he did it here I would call him on it but other than that what can we do? Like I said, I don't get it.

Where did he post the thread that you refer to today? I mean, he is right that Feds and Prospal are off to horrible starts (what allot have gone on record as saying would happen) but that can't be one of the bad things that he has written or you aren't repeating the bad stuff because that is just an opinion. As for his classless statement on the fires well again, I don't see what it has to do with hockey so I would complain about that but it is just a losers opinion and those things don't tend to rile me up. I just consider the source and realize I don't care what an idiot like that would have to say.

So again, let us know what we can do specifically and maybe we can help.

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