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Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
Just curious to know what you Bolts fans think being in a division with Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Boston? You and the Panthers of coarse.
I think FP made some good points:

Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
(...) The division the Florida teams find themselves in is an attempt to 'even out' the greater number of miles traveled by western teams. The specific teams in our divisional grouping also being a boon to Florida (and I guess TB) home game attendance, although I don't think it's the best thing for the sport to encourage fans to keep an old favorite, when they move into another team's territory.

I mean, think with me here. Imagine the time when New York City saw it's massive flood of immigrants from Italy, especially Sicily. Now imagine that the New York team played the Sicilian team on a regular basis. It's good for gate revenue, but it adds nothing to the substance or identity of New York. (...)
Originally Posted by Felonious Python View Post
The travel distances for Tampa and Florida make it 'equal' (to the western conference situation) but not fair, and I think that's a distinction that needs to be made.

Detroit seems to be the troublemaker.

It would all be so much simpler if Detroit would just accept that they are geographically in the western half of the league.

Somebody's gonna get shafted with any realignment where Detroit goes east. In the one above, they don't, which sort of defeats the whole purpose of league realignment.

I think, secretly, the league wants to expand, or they wouldn't even consider uneven divisions.

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