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Originally Posted by kevinsane View Post
Worst-Neil Macrae (bitter and negative)
Tony Gallagher-same
Dan Russell-same
David Pratt-same
Garry Valk-has a point, but 60 minutes isn't enough for him to make it.
Jeff Patterson-worst voice/cadence/phrasing EVER
Joey Kenward-Junior B volunteer Dad calibre play by play
The Moj-Sounds like a dumb jock
Don Taylor (used to be a "best", but his shtick exceeded it's "best before" date at least half a decade ago)

Best-Jim Robson
John Shorthouse
Jim Hughson
They just call the games. And do it well.
pretty much sums it up for me.... although I would move valk into the like category, yes when he does make a point its from the players perspective.

also I can take garret in short form... I dont mind listening to him overall

but the rest of our media.... seem to have 40 yrs of angst stored up and they do seem to cart it out all the time........even when the team is playing well and realitivly error free they seem to drag up crap to stir things up...... wouldnt they be better doing some deep stat work to show things rather than be sh44 disturbers????

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