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12-05-2011, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by LoSTRaMaiR View Post
"I'm not superstitious.. But I am a little stitious." - the great Michael Scott.

Words I am trying to live by this season, crazy superstitions took a lot out of me last season. Struggling to stick with being a little stitious. I haven't posted before a game, or during in a few games, because i think last time we got the W i didn't post either. Not working apparently. Can someone with good hockey smarts explain to me why we are having so much trouble this season? I can't figure it out, obviously something is wrong. We need a win Tampa! At least you have been playing better, keep it up, points will hopefully come. No more blooper reel footage from our goalies. Play smart in our own end MAB(and all other D-men of course) Let's go Lightning!!

Also, few games ago someone was talking about Brewer getting penalized for picking up the goalie stick and handing it to him. Not sure what the rules are, but in the last week I have seen Chara, and someone in another game do this with no penalty.

Wonder if the refs from the WWE are working our game again tonight
We are worse offensively, defensively, and in net (compared to the latter half of last season anyway). I also think we overachieved as a team last season, although we certainly deserved to be in the playoffs. We don't have the defense, in my opinion, to be able to go anywhere in the playoffs IF we even make it. It's also a little unfair to Roloson. I wanted to see us take a different route in the offseason to begin with, but I was very surprised that we didn't address our issues on the blueline knowing we'd be relying on a 42 year old goalie who just game off a very active, extended season. I'm not saying the defense is solely to blame for Roloson's poor play, but it sure doesn't help.

If Yzerman does decide to make some moves, I'd expect them to be for players that will help us beyond this season. We're just too many key pieces away from contending or even getting as far as we did last year to be dealing key players/picks/prospects for upcoming UFA's, unless it's a very solid defenseman or two.

To me, we need help both on defense and in goal (although Roloson still deserves some time imo), and we could also use some more energy/grit/toughness. Say what you want about it, but there have been far too many games where we look like we could use a spark. I'm not suggesting we need a 4 minute per night goon, but it wouldn't hurt to add someone who can energize the team and the crowd with some toughness and physicality.

Also, I don't mean to sidetrack this thread with trade talk, and am wondering if a Lightning rumors/what's wrong with us thread would be appropriate for this kind of talk (instead of a GDT), as there doesn't seem to be one yet in the Lightning forum.

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