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12-05-2011, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Phileeguy View Post
I guess this works better overall for travels sake, and the playoffs more interesting but I don't know if it makes anything more fair in terms of making the playoffs.

I'm going to assume that each conference has 4 teams make the playoffs, and that they battle it out for a conference winner, which would then advance to what would be the semis against another conference. (Quick aside here; would the playoff semis be round robin from year to year, or will they always be Atlantic v NE, and Central v West?) While that's great for rivalries in the first two rounds of the playoffs, there will be a slight advantage to being in one of the conferences with 7 teams, as you only have to be in the top 4 of 7 teams, and not 8.

I mean baseball just only now evened it out to 15 teams per league, as it was an issue that it was statistically easier to get into the AL playoffs (4 of 14 teams go) as opposed to the NL (4 of 16 teams go), and the NHL seems to be doing the opposite. Then again Baseball's marathon is the regular season and a postseason berth is more of a reward, whereas in the NHL the real meat grinder is the playoffs themselves.

Bah, perhaps I'm just nitpicking a bit.

I really think it's geared towards expanding to 32 teams. Isn't the NHL making the most money it's ever made? If so, what would stop the league from expanding?

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