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11-02-2003, 07:24 PM
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Bulis: I think we have a perfect 3rd liner specialist and he's still young, i'll keep him on our rebuilding mode.

Koivu: He's a great team guy and give all he can to help our team, he's still young and he's dedicated to the game, i'll keep him too.`

Markov: He's our PP QB, good shot, good speed, he needs more experience.

Souray: I love him, he's a wall on defense, good speed, good shots.
he needs to keep him simple and again more experience.

Theodore: Maybe some people here don't like him but he's still IMO a decent #1 goalie .. I'll keep him also because he's a fan favorite.. -- My take is that Garon could be better and cheaper... Simple enough?

Ward: Good intensity, good 4th liner , need to get more speed ..

Begin: he's fearless and love to throw open ice hits... he'll keep too for our 4th line.

Hossa: I really really like him, he gives good effort + he has nice skills he just need to polish them.

Ryder: He's IMO a young version of Zednik.. good skills,good intensity, need more consistency.

Langdon: Goon at 500k$ still usefull..

keep or not:

Hainsey: I think he don't want to play hockey , he don't seems very confident. + he has good trade value -- Agree 100% and he's very bad defensively

Ribeiro: very skilled i love him but we already have koivu and he don't have a great trade value.. keep him? -- soft, gives the puck to the opposite team too often, plays a good shift once in a while and that's it

Kilger: Big, Fast, maybe a potential 4th liner keep or not? -- I would give him a chance

Zednik: Very skilled and gritty, but i feel that ryder can replace him ..
+ he has a good trade value.. keep or not? -- Can't pass and very letargic and well many other problems. Don't know what to say!

Garon: Big goalie, potential starter.. but we already have a star goaltender in Theo.. keep him as a backup or trade him for something(lower than his true potential)? -- The guy is ****ing unbeatable when people will realize it?

Get rid of:

Audette: don't need explanation

Rivet: he's overpaid... and make some rookie mistake.-- Can't agree with this. He's playing very well imo. 95% of the time he's solid defensively. He get the puck out of the defensive zone very well. He's a leader. He also did a better job at center on the powerplay than Ribeiro against NYR

Quintal: I love him (but he won't stay in our rebuilding process IMO)Love him too but it's his last contract...

Perreault: Too soft , very skilled and good face-off man, but at 3m$.. too much... last year for him with us... -- Agree 100%

Brisebois: I love him too but we won't re-sign him, 4m$ is too much.Maybe it's too much but it's not our money so why bothering about it???

dackell: too small, too soft, too much cash, last year with us(1,8 m$) -- Agree

juneau: see dackell He's actually very effective to shut down the best lines... When are people gonna realize that? He's been doing it for 3 freaking years! for fück's sakes give him his due.

sundstrom: see dackell agree....[/QUOTE]

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