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12-05-2011, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ThisYearsModel View Post
Always sucks to lose. Always sucks to lose to the Maple Leaves. The guys getting wrecked at the end is an issue though. Or rather, the lack of any response. Torts' absolving Phaneuf of any culpability is weak and wrong. No reason for him to not stick up for his players. Was Sauer's head down? Yep. Was he perilously close to the boards? Yep. Was there head contact? Yep. Should it have been a penalty? Could have been charging, but it was really close. Don't think it was a deliberate head shot though. Still, Phaneuf moved upwards into him. And if Sauer is concussed, then perhaps he will change to a helmet that fits him and on which he will properly adjust the chin strap. That is on Sauer. Either way, it was a dangerous hit. No response from the Rangers, a real shame. You can't win them all. They will have to come out strong next game.
Not saying this is in fact the case, but if Torts makes an issue out of it, that hamstrings the Rangers' chance to respond physically the next time the teams play. He makes a comment about it being a terrible hit, that needs retribution, etc he gets a call from Commissioner's office and Shanahan and there is additional attention paid by the league to the next game between the two teams.

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