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12-06-2011, 12:22 AM
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If you look at last year's standings in the East the playoffs would have been

Bos vs Buff
TB vs Mtl

Wash vs NYR
Phi vs Pit

The same 8 team would have made the playoffs. Not bad, but you'd need a bigger sample size to see how other years would've looked, not to mention that the schedule would have been different.

In the West, Dallas would have made it over LA. I think if we look at a larger sample there is probably going to be a bigger effect on Western teams because they have 8 teams per conference vs 7 for the East.

But like everyone here agrees on, there's always going to be stronger and weaker conferences. I just hope that either 2 teams disappear or 2 new teams join the NHL, question of fairness. For now I will enjoy the 7-team conference

edit: lol in 2008-2009 6 of the 8 playoffs team were from the "Atlantic Conference". The 2 other were the Bruins in #1 and Habs in #8. We would have faced Florida which was #9 otherwise. This is surely going to happen when some divisions will be stronger than other and it's pretty sad. It's the reason why I find the MLB and NFL a joke. Teams that have bad records can make it over teams with good records only because they play in a bad division.

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