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12-06-2011, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
That is hauntingly beautiful. Just watching how he flicks his index finger as a back rhythm for what the rest of his hand is doing is amazing.

And speaking of music, rock took another kick to the shins when some nameless corporate schmoe set up the account for a Wal-Mart commercial to feature AC/DC's Back in Black.
My old bass teacher was incredible on the instrument. Just, insanely good. So good that during one lesson, I asked him to help me figure out "You Can't Hold No Groove." My teacher got to a point where he wasn't sure what Wooten was doing, so he took out his cell phone...and ****ing called him and asked. This was just a bit mindblowing..but he was indeed good enough to be on speaking terms with victor wooten. A real bargain at 20 bucks a lesson. (understatement.)

My point here is that my teacher was incredibly accomplished. His left hand skills and slap skills were excellent, and that's why I was going to left hand skills were and still are lacking. However, after a couple teacher was looking at me and trying to learn from me when it came to right-hand fingerstyle technique. It led to an interesting collaboration. Anyways, my point here is that when it comes to right handed bass playing, I'm no slouch at all. Primus? No problem. Tool? Whatever, most of it is done with a pick, fancy thumbwork is more efficient anyways. However...this Steve Bailey song...holy ****. It's so far above and beyond my skill level I have no words for it. Not only does he have his index finger playing a constant drone, he's also throwing in an insane amount of false harmonics, which are all in tune.

Steve Bailey is easily the most under-appreciated musician alive. (That statement might be a bit dramatic, but whatever)

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