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12-06-2011, 05:15 AM
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Originally Posted by TennesseeJedd View Post
Give me a brake, who are the multitude of prospects the Islanders ruined only to go elsewhere to succeed? Bertuzzi? He was run out of here on a rail, he was a locker room cancer and he sucked as an Islander and Isbister, ISBISTER??!! Jesus Christ man, lol.

Awwwwe, Nino wasn't playing well? Didn't get into positon well? And wasn't a stand out defensively? Best part is "He lacks a ton"? It's a wonder he can even stand up on his skates he is just so young and delicate.

Well smack me with a catfish can you tell everyone how many games Nino has played this year? "Well awe shuks Opie seems like that fellar only played in six, THAT'S 6 games" "But Paaww" Opie says" He ought be shuttin' down offenses and puttin' the biscuit in the basket every game by now" "No, Opie. You see in the game of hockey, it takes a feller more than a week to learn the ins and outs of the league before you can say he's stuck in the meuud". "Gee Paw, if that's the problem old Otis can just go tow him out".

You have to be kidding me, every prospect isn't Josh Bailey. Nino's own coach said there wasn't anything left for him in Juniors and he is a guy who would want him back more than anyone. Nino pulled his groin, sat out a bit, then got a 2 week conditioning stint in the AHL and he was better than average. Would I rather him be in the AHL of course, but that can't happen, so it's juniors or the pros, I think the smart thing here would be to defer to his junior coach.

Nino will be fine, lets give the kid some time to adjust to the NHL before we go calling is development ruined or worse yet, blame his getting concussed on a cheap and dirty hit on him because YOU think he should be in juniors. I also love how everyone points to him not having his head up as evidence that he shouldn't be in the NHL, I guess Crosby shouldn't be there either. When I watch the video I see Nino looking right at that ********* FISTER, what exactly would you have done? Players who are veterans get caught all the time and on a dirty hit how was it Nino's fault. What a crock.

I've seen some really weak complaints and arguements in this place but this whining about Nino has to take the cake. SIX games folks, he has played in 6 games thois year, lets get a grip.
Playing in the NHL is not when you adjust to it. It's when you're ready for it. If he needs to "adjust", what you're really saying is he needs to perform better. Having nothing left to learn in junior =/= NHL ready.

The AHL is much better than junior-and the AHL is littered with players who dominate at that level-yet never earn a spot on a NHL roster. Tambellini is an obvious perfect example of this. You're example of Nino's 4 pts in 6 games is sad. Tambo frequently was at a PPG-and we all saw what he was able to do in the NHL. Then there's Krog. Nino being merely "above average" means he's really not ready for the NHL yet.

If you can't tell the difference between not-yet fully matured teenagers playing defense against you in junior (overwhelming majority who'll never step foot in NHL ice), versus fully grown adult men at the NHL level-I'm shocked. Nino could get away with having his head down in juniors-in the NHL they'll light you up...and that's what happened. Lesson learned.

I'm not saying Nino isn't going to amount to anything. I'm just saying look at all the Isles' prospect that aren't panning look around the NHL where the ones are. Difference? Development. Getzlaf dominated the WHL 03...and guess what he did? played there in 04 and think the Ducks made the wrong call, because Getzlaf obviously had "nothing left to learn"?

Here's a question I'd love to see the supporters of the way this team develops youngsters answer: other than Tavares, who was the last player the Islanders drafted that panned out for them? by my have to go back more than 10 years.

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