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Originally Posted by capebretoncanadien View Post
Bookmarked so all these haters can be eating crow by the end of this season lol.
Seriously, if I were as much of a crappy fan as the people I'm talking about, I'd keep a list of everyone who said his career was over and pull a Half-Baked and just tell each one off in succession for being such finicky, short-tempered, I-don't-care-I-just-want-to-say-I-told-you-so, whiny, know-it-all-but-know-nothing little children that they are.

I think Gauthier is just aware of what kind of fanbase and media monster he's catering to and has been picking and choosing his words in hopes that the circus will keep calm, but it's been backfiring on him time and again and making him look just as bad. Then again, if he had given the whole truth from the beginning as told us that he just doesn't know what Markov's timeline is including this season, people would still be calling for his head so really, he's no worse off than he would've been.

I think it would do wonders to the fans here to change their way of thinking and realise that Markov hasn't really been part of this team for the past two seasons. The language of "I can't wait to have him back!" makes it sound like he was here in the first place. The last time he's had a full season of playing time with the team, it was a completely different team. As far as I'm concerned, when he finally does come back to the team for good, he's coming to a new team. It'll be like picking up a player off waivers or a free trade, it'll just happen to be a really good player. I think it's unfair to keep using the excuse "oh we're just missing Markov and we'll be back to what we were before". It's hard to miss what you haven't had. Sure, he's worn the sweater for a long time and been part of the organisation, but that's not including the other people in the sweaters.

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