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12-06-2011, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Sucks for Tampa/Florida, who now have to play 1/4 their season in Canada/Boston/Buffalo.
Sucks more for the other teams that now have to play so many games in Florida... Imagine meeting Tampa/Florida in 12 games.

Another team not too happy about this would be Carolina, I imagine. They go from being in a pretty weak division with low spenders to perhaps the toughest one.

Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
seattle, Kansas City, Quebec and a Hamilton team could all be possible. A league source told andy Strickland that the NHL could expand to 32 teams evening the conferences up at 8 teams a piece
Personally, I'd prefer it if four teams or so were scratched from the league instead. Not enough talent to go round for this many teams, really.

Originally Posted by drownedsailors View Post
That sucks if you're a good team in a tough Conference and place 5th; while another team (that has fewer points than you) in a different Conference places 4th and makes it to the PO...

It sucks even more because that's a huge possibility for the Flyers seeing as how we have NYR, PITT, WSH and NJD in our Conference.

It's also really unfair that Western teams have a 50% chance of making the Playoffs while Eastern teams have a 57% chance.
Your first concern there is valid, back in the 80's the whole Norris division (I think) sucked for a few years. The salary cap and a more liberal free agency should make it so that it won't become that big of a deal though.

The second concern, I am sure there will be either expansion or relocating (or both) coming up to make it more even.

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