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12-06-2011, 08:32 AM
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What a sad story. Part Three reduced me to tears for the senseless loss of DB and the future loss of other enforcers.

I must admit, when I became a hockey fan way back in the late 1950s (I was about 10), fighting was part of the attraction. It remained a big pull during my time as a season ticket holder at MSG from 1968-1976, throughout my teens and early 20s. As I became a father, I began to question fighting (one of my sons played HS hockey) and am now totally opposed to it and want it removed from the game. I've felt this for years, not as a result of the DB articles.

I love the emotion and physicality of hockey. I recognize the need for teams to have enforcers as long as other teams have one. I must admit that there is a primal attraction to fights as they occur in games (call me a hypocrite if you will), but I would be thrilled if it were banned.

How many more fine young men are we going to lose? Will it take a death on the ice, something that has become more likely as enforcers get bigger, and ridiculous "take-downs" have become part of the fighting ritual (someone is going to have their head smashed on the ice during one), for it to happen?

Hockey is the greatest sport of all (I am a hardcore baseball fan, a big time pro football fan.....don't like college football....and a fan of European soccer...not a basketball fan at all). It is my favorite sport. I live an die with the Rangers. But everyone: the NHL, the Wild, the Rangers, the medical staffs, even we fans, are complicit in DBs death. Fighting must be removed from the game. Nothing anyone says, including idiots like Don Cherry, will convince me otherwise.

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