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12-06-2011, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by AvsFan7 View Post
I agree completely, me and my cousin got into a very heated argument about this the other day(He lives and Breathes Dead Wings) and for soem reason he still thinks that there Defense will be great without Lidstrom.

Kronwall is overrated, IMO He's a Top 4 Dman and really not much more, my cousin was trying to tell me he'd be a good #1 next year replacing Lidstrom. Then he said Stuart would be a Good top 3 guy, and the Brendan Smith would come in next year and be an amazing Top pairing Defensman, I mean I can understand excpecting that in 2-3 years, but not next year, if he can be a decent Top 4 guy for them they should be happy. Then they have Erricsson(sp?), Kindl and White. Thats really not a very good Defensive group.

I really think we will see the fall of another once great Franchise in the coming years for Detroit. Losing Lidstrom alone will set them back alot, Datsyuk and Zetterberg arent getting younger in 2-3 years both players wont be close to the players they are now(Zetterberg is already showing serious signs of slowing down). All of there players will either be retiring or slowing down in the coming years, and they have nobody to replace them.

There going to end up in the same situation as Colorado, only maybe not a bottom 5 team, because with Babcock coaching alone they will be at least a somewhat decent team. But I can see them missing the playoffs for a couple years in the near future and having to build from a few good draft years. IMO there already showing signs of a falling franchise this year with there Streakiness this year.

In Short, **** Detroit
Kronwall is a pretty good #3. Makes some mistakes and can be a ****** in his own end, but solid offensively and can hit people.

Stuart is probably about the same caliber of player. I like him a lot more in his own end compared to Kronwall, but he's not exactly setting the world on fire offensively.

Kindl has talent to be a decent PMD, but were not seeing it right now. I still think he will be a top four defenseman, however.

Ericsson sucks. He's an alright bottom pairing defenseman, I guess. The fact he's got a horrible contract makes me LOL.

White is a decent #4 who can run a breakout/PP. I really like him, but he's not the savior of any defense.

Brendan Smith will be a top pairing defenseman someday, but it's more a question of when than if. I'd say give it a couple years.

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