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12-06-2011, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by SpinTheBlackCircle View Post
I'm just looking around and trying to find out where they could add a team. Hartford again? But wouldn't they want to be with Boston? And you can't take Boston away from Montreal/Toronto/Buffalo.

Where would the 8th team come from? Any thoughts?

If you pull in Tampa and Florida, which team would agree to move out of your conference? Carolina?
Most likely: addition in KC, Columbus --> our division, IMO.

Less likely: addition in GTA might force either CAR or (less likely) PIT to northeast and drive FLA / TB to us.

Least likely: straight addition to our conference. I just don't see it. Hartford is years and a new arena away, and there is really no reason to add to NYC or Philly markets. Baltimore is mostly caps / flyers. I suppose a third try in Atlanta could end up in our conference, but I can't see that in the near future.

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