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12-06-2011, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I agree.
We have not seen eye to eye on the head shots, however, it has definitely become a joke. There is no point in penalizing something if it will remain inconsistent. But I never argued against that, and deep down, I always knew this would happen, which is why I was always extreme. You either penalize all head shots, regardless of accidental or not, or you go back to old rules.
Bring the red line back, no more hard plastic pads, and take out that dumb instigating penalty.

This league could do a heck of a lot better if they weren't so darn inconsistent. So, it's one end or the other imo. Staying in that grey middle as we now are is ridiculous.

The Shanahan show must also stop.
I agree kriss, I guess I was giving the league too much credit and thought they would actually take this seriously. Player safety was never the concern, PR was the primary agenda here. It's plain as day that this guy is a yes man for the NHL, I believe many of these decisions are out of BS hands, I hope he steps down and calls the league out for interfering with his work, I don't expect it to happen though.

Poor buffalo and Ryan Miller, I can't believe a league that was supposed to advocating player safety has struck a new low like this. The Sabres have every right to be irate about these plays.

What a freaking joke.

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