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12-06-2011, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I agree with you lucic's hit. I can't agree with you about tootoo. He took advantage of the situation and basically superman tackled miller on purpose, nowhere near the same situation, but both should be suspendable.

Tootoo will be suspended imo, and it will only be because Miller was the victim in both situations, you can't let this continue or it's open season on the goalies. BS dropped the ball here and now that miller is involved again, he's really backed into a corner, dumbass, he is.
Oh I'm not saying he didn't know what he was doing, just that he pretends to make an effort at avoiding contact. But ya, he fully was aware of what was happening.
As opposed to Lucic, who also knew fully well what was going to happen, and made absolutely no effort to avoid Miller. Just skated right through.

But ya, there is no win for Shanny here.
Suspends Tootoo, looks like a big double standard.
Doesn't suspend Tootoo, Buffalo all over him and further reinforces Ruff's comments that it's open season on goalies.

I'm not sure how Shanny can keep his job much longer if things don't improve. This is as bad as it's ever been.

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