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12-01-2005, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop The Gloves
I looked into skating lessons and found that they were around $90. I don't think my family can really afford it. I can't ask for skating lessons for Christmas because my family and I are already going to VA.
If you have a friend who knows how to skate and will lend some ncouragement, go to the rink and rent a pair of skates and ask him/her for some pointers. People at the rinks are usually friendly enough and might give pointers to beginners as well. You'll probably be able to tell right away who the better skaters are. It might be discouraging for a while...but don't let that stop you.
Keep at it, even when there are 6 year olds zipping around you and you've already lost count of how many times you've fallen (you really should get a helmet). If you keep a positive outlook and keep striving, you'll be OK.
Good Luck!

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