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Originally Posted by Tom Atkins View Post
You might need to attend an evaluation session. From there they will decide what division you can play in and also put you on a team. You could always try and find someone who plays and try to get on the team.

The divisions are 1-8 i think. 1 being the best and 8 the worst. divisions 2-4 are pretty much equal skill set, you'll just find deeper skilled teams towards the top. It also depends what night you want to play on because different divisions play different nights. I'm in D3 which normally plays monday nights. 11:30 pm games sometimes can be rough haha. Goalies also for the most part play for free.
I'm guessing I'd be somewhere around D 5-7 to start, just from reading the descriptions. Like I said, I've never played on an organized team, and wouldn't want to be the low man on the totem pole. Rather start lower and score some goals. I do (did?) have a pretty good shot.

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