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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
What I want to know is - is Molson cheap ?

We'll see if Gomez is back next year.
That is exclusively Molson's call, and unfortunately, Gauthier cannot do anything too drastic before knowing his boss's intentions. There are only four possible scenarios:

1) Gomez plays for the Habs next season.
2) Gomez is traded before next season.
3) Gomez is bought out.
4) Gomez is burried.

Number 2 is the least probable. There isn't a single GM that will trade for Gomez. The ''but zomg thay wuld save 2millions!!!1oone'' argument is dumb, as it ignores the fact that they would still be paying 5.5M$ for a completly useless player and that Tallon is proving that overpaying marginal players is better than overpaying worthless ones.

Number 1 is what we all fear. If it happens, it sends a clear message that Gauthier's hands are tied and Molson is in it only for the money.

Number 3 seems like a bad option. The team would only save 4M$ and 3M$ on the cap space in the following two years, while lose 1.6M$ the following two.

Number 4 is the ideal situation for Gauthier and the fans, but obviously the worst for Molson's wallet (assuming salary is taken on instead of Gomez). Molson loses 10M$ over two years, but Gauthier gets to play with 7.3M$ extra. Unfortunately, he will probably give that money to Wade Redden

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