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11-02-2003, 09:33 PM
Kirk Muller
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Originally Posted by Plekanec

Slow, soft, atrocious playmaker, under average stickhandling, not involved in the game, no hockey sense... Except his accurate wrist shot, this guy has AHLer skills, you can talk about everything except skills in his case! Perreault is a floater and even bigger he would'nt be usefull! To be usefull you have to be involved in the play and be able to create something, the only thing Perreault can do well is floating and winning face-offs!

NO, you're wrong.

Actually, its not necassarily that you are all wrong, but its the condescending attitude that because you don't agree with him, that he is 100% guarenteed "wrong" in your eyes. He didn't say Perreault would be a star, he said he would be useful, which is in fact true. A bigger, faster Perreault would be "useful" for us because the current Perreault was actually "useful" for us for what he was brought in to do.

Sorry, this is just a pet peeve of mine on these boards, and for whatever reason tonight its bothering me more than normal, but could people show some respect, say you disagree but to flat out say someone is "wrong" when it is an opinion and you in fact have no clue unless you have a time machine (do you have a time machine because than would be really cool ) is a such a condescending ignorant comment.

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