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12-06-2011, 11:59 AM
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Anyone else checking out the Journal that the Times screenshotted?

I know this story is mentioned in the articles but reading it in his handwriting makes it hit harder...

On page 2 of his journal...

I get up from my equipment and go out in the hallway and a chubbier looking guy is taping his sticks. He had some weird Elvis looking haircut and was 6'4". So I grabbed my sticks & started to cut the stick and he walks up to me, gets in my face and says "your ****ing dead! I'm going to ****ing kill you and you will regret coming here!"
Felt good for the Boogeyman that he broke "Churchy's" nose in their first fight!

It's all so interesting and so sad.

EDIT - The Journal is an amazing read

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