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Originally Posted by ausername1 View Post
I sort of feel like maybe I'll never be able to do what I see others doing with ease/seemingly no effort since I didn't start at a young age like everyone else, lol.
It looks like you've gotten the reassurance already but I'll say this: You said it yourself, they started when they were young. They've had their whole lives to practice their skating. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Give yourself some more time. It comes slowly at first but once you start picking stuff up your skill will improve a lot faster. Nobody is going to be good in the first few months of picking up a completely new skill, especially one as difficult as skating. Keep at it.

I started skating last year at age 21 and now I'm one of the best skaters in the Bronze league at my rink. I had been to maybe 2 birthday skates in my life prior to jumping into hockey skating so I didn't have any head start. I went to public skate 4-5 times a week for months (yay no job) and I improved faster than anyone had ever seen. Put your mind to it and it's not that hard to get there.

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