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12-06-2011, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ferrisUML View Post
While I understand what your saying and I agree (the Islanders have not developed a single, true impact player in some time), players like Hamonic and Martin are examples of players your argument omits. But so much of your point is is due to the fact that we drafted really, really ****** for years from 1999 to 2007.
Hamonic is a great example of a prospect being rushed. And yes I said this BEFORE his season so far. Martin quite frankly isn't that great of a player.

Originally Posted by ferrisUML View Post
There are 28 other teams besides the Islanders and Red Wings. I guess all 29 are doing it wrong too then because they don't adhere to the RW model. And lets be completely honest, being able to spend to the cap on FAs certainly allows you to be more patient with their prospects, something that over half the teams in the league cannot do. People that compare us to the RW (OTH is notorious for that) seem to convienently leave that out.

That said, is Edmonton wrong with RNH? Philly with Coutourier? Colorado with Landeskog? Its easy to say they belong now, after they've each had a full nine games and are productive, but why shouldn't Nino have been given the same chance? He got hurt during his nine game stint and who knows what wouldve happened after game nine.

Injuries, concussions-specifically, happen in every level, of every league. Are you saying that if you get one, your not ready to play in that league? That fact that Nino got a concussion is largely irrelevant. It wasn't a lack of development that caused his concussion...he wasn't skating with his head down in the commonly used sense. He was looking down to gain possession of the puck and Fistric timed his hit just right (regardless of the legality of the hit). I've seen that numerous times in my lifetime. Just two seasons ago with Okposo immediately comes to mind.

It wasn't a lack of skill or readiness to play in the NHL that caused Nino's concussion nor was it a case of the Islanders' rushing a prospect. Nino deserved a chance to earn his spot on this team just like Eric Stall, Nathan Horton, Dustin Brown all did. Those guys are the leaders of '03 draft class and played in the NHL in 04....were they "rushed" too?
Let's look at that 03 draft, and see what happened. You can't omit players who weren't rushed, and pretend like they didn't exist.

Now here's a short-list of players drafted in the 03 draft who didn't play until after the lockout...that's 3 years later:

-Corey Perry, Jeff Carter, Ryan Suter, Mike Richards, Thomas Vanek, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Dion Phaneuf Braydon Coburn, Milan Michalek

So you named 3 that played right away and worked out, and as you can see I named significantly more.

(PS-Zherdev was also rushed, obviously omission).

I don't suppose you're suggesting that all these players (and teams) made the wrong decision by not allowing their players to try and jump into the NHL right away are you?

As a side note, I never compared them to the RW so I have no idea where you get that from. As I mentioned before all the players you're mentioning are exceptions-what's so hard to get about that? Let's look at the 03 draft shall we?

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