Thread: Islanders Point Blank: Calling Mr. Shanahan!
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12-06-2011, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
First thing, let's stop making MM be the boogeyman. He hasn't been the GM in almost 6 years now. Enough it enough. Snow has been GM more than long enough to evaluate fairly. And quite frankly other than Tavares (who was a no-brainer), none of his picks have turned out.

And as for the end of your post-and others here, it's wrong to loo at 18/19 year old exceptions, and expect our players to be that. Players who're ready to jump in right away and make a difference are already known about. They're the exception to the rule. Those are the guys who are ready to go-and they dominate the NHL right away. Nino is NOT that kind of talent.

Someone mentioned RNH, but let's look at a teammate who's playing very well too: Eberle. He was drafted in 08, Oilers kept him in juniors, until he was able to play in the AHL-where he did. That certainly didn't kill his career.

My point is you can't look at the cream of the crop (the top 2, sometimes 3 guys of a draft), and apply that to all prospects.
OK but you are the one who wrote that you would have to go back more than 10 years, Snow wasn't here then? He has Tavares, Okposo(not picked by snow but playing/developing under snow), Bailey, Martin, MacDonald(see Okposo), and Hamonic all playing in the NHL(really not that many "rushed"). I think Snow has quite a few prospects developing all over. I personally think some of these guys are here because they are ready. I am not a Snow supporter but I am tired of this guy was rushed as an easy way out excuse. It actually may take more than 6 whole games for Nino to figure it out...

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