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Originally Posted by Prederator View Post
If a player drives to the net, even with the puck and trying to score, he is never allowed to hit a goaltender as hard as Tootoo hit Miller. He has to be in control of his momentum and direction, even if the contact is incidental. That is the rule, somewhat similiar to controlling the position of your stick blade.

The point is he knew he was going to hit Miller when he committed to that inside track and should have veered off or stopped in time.
Hockey is a very fast sport. Sometimes you do not have time to react. Toots started cutting to the net, the dman kept him on course, he lost the puck, looked at puck, looked at goalie, jumped to try and avoid contact but was too late. It is much easier to breakdown the play in slow motion but unfortunatly it doesnt happen that way in real life.

Bottom line is that it should of been a goalie interference penalty and nothing more.

Thanks for letting me post on your board, been a fan of TooToo since he played for the Blizzard and the bugger flatened me in tryouts.

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