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12-06-2011, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
Hamonic is a great example of a prospect being rushed. And yes I said this BEFORE his season so far. Martin quite frankly isn't that great of a player.

Let's look at that 03 draft, and see what happened. You can't omit players who weren't rushed, and pretend like they didn't exist.

Now here's a short-list of players drafted in the 03 draft who didn't play until after the lockout...that's 3 years later:

-Corey Perry, Jeff Carter, Ryan Suter, Mike Richards, Thomas Vanek, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Dion Phaneuf Braydon Coburn, Milan Michalek

So you named 3 that played right away and worked out, and as you can see I named significantly more.

(PS-Zherdev was also rushed, obviously omission).

I don't suppose you're suggesting that all these players (and teams) made the wrong decision by not allowing their players to try and jump into the NHL right away are you?

As a side note, I never compared them to the RW so I have no idea where you get that from. As I mentioned before all the players you're mentioning are exceptions-what's so hard to get about that? Let's look at the 03 draft shall we?
Streit, you missed my point. My whole argument was:

1. Nino was not rushed due to his concussion. Yes, he got a concussion from a borderline hit, but nothing about him playing Jrs for two years and being 19 played any part of that. Further, he was on a nine game tryout with the club...he earned at least that.

2. The whole concept of "rushed" vs "not-rushed" is completely subjective and statistics can be used to prove any side of the argument that you side with. Why? You can never prove that those players you mentioned would'nt be the same players they are today if they went right into the NHL. Conversely, you cannot prove that those who I mentioned that made the jump to the NHL directly wouldn't be better today had they played through either full years of JR eligibility.

Some players, even after years of dominating the Jr and AHL ranks cannot become successful NHLers. It happens. Other players can jump into the league immediately at 18/19 yo (Skinner, RNH, etc) and that doesn't mean their development is being mishandled.

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