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Pro stock stick are also totally customized, some pros will have sticks made with less layers of carbon, no kevlar wrap etc., which can make them lighter and better performing, but also less durable than their retail counterparts. Not all pros do this, but some do. They get their sticks for free, and many will use new sticks every game (or some even more frequently) regardless, so durability isn't as much of a concern for them. Combined with their strength, size, and ability to really get a tonne of their weight into their shots, this makes for a lot of broken sticks in the pros.

With retail sticks, if you're shooting properly, they can last a long time. The odd ones have weak points/defects, and a bad slash or other impact can create weak points, but for the most part I'd say that retail sticks are really durable. There are fairly big/strong guys on my team who played CIS hockey, Junior A and Junior B, guys who really put a tonne of force into their shots, and I've seen them using the same sticks for like 6-12+ months. I've had the odd sticks that I break in a month or less, probably due to manufacturing defects or slashes/impacts, but most of my sticks last a year or more, and some I've never broken, even when being pretty rough with them.

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