Thread: TSN: 4 Divisions next year
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12-06-2011, 04:45 PM
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Short term the East wins huge. The central and west teams trade less travel for less playoff slots per team. 4/7 is vastly better odds than 4/8, as well as being better than what we have now in 8/15.

This is definitely in anticipation of someone moving east (pho-que most likely). What they do then I'll be interested to see. If the habs end up having to make top 4 in an 8 team div while the Rags only have to be top 4/7, I won't be happy. But honestly, could the NHL slant the field against Bos, Mtl and To all the same time? Unlikely. The easy answer is to go to top 8/15, but if that's the long term plan why give people a taste of divisional playoff matchings now?

Anyway, big big win for the east.

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