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12-06-2011, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
Watching the replay, it's clear Tootoo was trying to jump over or at least mitigate a violent contact with Miller. LOL at the suspension. This hit is 10x less severe and less bad-intentionned compared to the Lucic hit.

It's clear this league is biased. But of course, in the Western world, it's taboo to say that. You'll be quickly tagged as a "conspiracy theorist". That's partly how they control the sheeple: make it so that the word "conspiracy" has a huge negative connotation. --sorry, end rant--

Miller overracted there due to the Lucic hit. If the Lucic hit never happened, Miller would have stayed cool, guaranteed.

The Paille hit on Malkin, I don't think it was intentional though.
If the Lucic hit on Miller had never happened this would be a non issue and any penalty called in the game would have been the end of it.. Tootoo was only suspended because of that dumb **** Lucic's stupidity which Shanny knows he made a mistake on by not suspending him after the fact..

Tootoo is just paying the price for what Lucic should have received in the first place and will lose 2 games worth of salary over it.

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