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12-06-2011, 07:26 PM
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I did post this earlier in the main board :

Originally Posted by Rutabaga View Post
Well...i tried to do some work to see what would have happened, very theoretically, of course, with such an alignement and format.

I have modified the schedule of each time according to the new alignement, using the last year's one as a basis.

For the 8-team conferences, the teams have to face three differents 6 times and the four others 5.
Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Colorado are together, just like the Californian teams plus Phoenix, its obvious.

For the Central conference, its tougher. I've followed the annoucement of the NHL, who did talk about the conference and put the teams in this order : Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Winnipeg

So, the first four together, the last four together.

(If its not clear enough, CHI will face MIN, DAL and WPG x6, DET, CBJ, NSH and STL x5).

Obviously, some results are missing. I've just done some extrapolation (is it correct in english ?) with the known results of the season series.

For instance, Detroit was 3-0-1 vs Anaheim. I've changed that to 2-0-0.
Anaheim was 1-3-0, they're now 0-2-0.
More difficult, Anaheim was 2-1-1 vs Vancouver. I've changed that to 2-1-2, simply because of their respective position and the gap in points at the end of the regular season. I know, its not perfect at all, but thats the way it is.

I've just tried to make it as believable as possible.

So, the standings :

Pacific :

1. Vancouver 125 points ; 57-14-11
2. San Jose 113 points ; 52-21-9
3. Anaheim 106 points ; 49-25-8
4. Los Angeles 105 points ; 49-26-7
5. Phoenix 104 points ; 45-23-14
6. Calgary 85 points ; 37-34-11
7. Colorado 54 points ; 21-49-12
8. Edmonton 50 points ; 20-52-10

Central :

1. Detroit 112 points ; 52-22-8
2. Nashville 108 points ; 48-22-12
3. Dallas 102 points ; 45-25-12
4. Chicago 100 points ; 47-29-6
5. Saint Louis 88 points ; 37-31-14
6. Columbus 84 points ; 35-33-14
7. Minnesota 81 points ; 36-37-9
8. Winnipeg/Atlanta 63 points ; 27-46-9

Northeastern Florida :

1. Boston 116 points ; 53-19-10
2. Tampa Bay 108 points ; 49-23-10
3. Buffalo 100 points ; 46-28-8
4. Montréal 95 points ; 41-28-13
5. Toronto 78 points ; 33-37-12
6. Ottawa 67 points ; 28-43-11
7. Florida 64 points ; 27-45-10

Atlantic :

1. Washington 120 points ; 55-17-10
2. Philadelphia 119 points ; 53-16-13
3. Pittsburgh 110 points ; 50-22-10
4. New York Rangers 93 points ; 44-33-5
5. Carolina 90 points ; 39-31-12
6. New Jersey 76 points ; 35-41-6
7. New York Islanders 58 points ; 21-45-16

The playoffs matchups. For the results, we just use the regular season results between the two teams.

Pacific :
Vancouver - Los Angeles
San Jose - Anaheim
Vancouver - San Jose

Central :

Northeastern Florida :
Tampa Bay-Buffalo
Boston-Tampa Bay

Atlantic :

So, the latest teams alive, are supposedly Vancouver, Chicago, Boston and Washington.
Vancouver facing Chicago and Washington playing against Boston. And the SC final may have been...exactly the same one, in fact.

Well, lets stop with the fun and theoretical, lets look at the facts :

-The gaps are much bigger. With more than 120 intra-conferences games (we're currently at 60), it was obviously going to be that way.

-The season of most of the teams will be done when we're at the trade deadline. Less excitement during the final month. And possibly during the last trimester, actually.

-More action at the deadline day, though. There will be more sellers, and i also think that the rebuilds are going to be done much more often, since a lot of franchises are going to be stucked in the 5th or 6th spot and too far away from a PO spot.

-Not sure its really great from a marketing point of view to have several teams under 60 points in 82 games.
To find a team with a worse record than the Avalanche, you have to move back in 2002 with the Thrashers. Its fine to have bigger markets within the division of small ones, but if they're out of contention in January, whats the point ?

-Phoenix would have missed the PO, LA making it mostly because their average record against the other Western divisions is not that important anymore.

-Dallas is 3rd, and not 4th in the Central, because of their solid record against them in the current format.

-Winnipeg is losing a lot of points, they now have to play with 4 100-points team instead of 2, and without a weaker team to help them.

-The race to avoid the Penguins would have been exciting, and its probably going to be the same way next year.

-With so many rich teams in their conference, Carolina and the Islanders are screwed. The same is probably going to applies for each of the small market teams in the future at one point, to a lesser extent, since the number of rich teams is not going to be as important as in the Atlantic conference.
For us, as long as we're in a 7-team division, its obviously better.

Anyway, we're not stucked with several high-spenders in our conference, thats a positive.
We're also absolutely able to defeat any of the teams in our conference in PO, as it is right now, of course, so that change, for us, is not that bad. For the league, im not that sure at all.

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