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12-06-2011, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by eliash View Post
But when you think about it sometimes the 9th/10th seeds in the West are better than the 8th in the East. It comes back to the same thing.
Yes, but adding another margin of error to an existing one doesn't justify anything. Fact of the matter is we're stuck most likely facing a rotation of 7 teams in first 2 rounds forever. Boring. Add to the fact that we may never get to see crosby or ovechkin in playoffs again unless we make round 3 and they do too. Again, add to my previous post that the best team may not even get in. Only when crosby's team fails to make the playoffs will the NHL freak out and rearrange it. I'll stick to my previous proposal:

First 2 seeds of each division are top 4, the last 4 should be whoever is 4-8 in entire conference.

If we compare to current standings:

Pittsburg (1st)
Rangers (4th)
Philly (5th)
Washington (9th)
Winnipeg (11th)

Boston (2nd)
Florida (3rd)
Toronto (6th)
Buffalo (7th)

Ottawa (8th)
Montreal (10th)

So, this early in the year, Ottawa, in the playoffs picture is kicked out for a team they beat in standings...washington. From our perspective, montreal needs to surpass two teams in our division but washington(not in a playoff spot in current format) next competition is below two teams in our division. I realize years not over but I find this somewhat moronic. Say winnipeg and washington continue to play badly and the current northeast keeps their pace, washington or winnipeg would make it despite being lower than people in their conference.

Add to the fact that now there's 14 eastern conference teams, and 16 western conference teams. Unless they anticipate Pheonix moving east to ontario or QC city it's just moronic. We're stuck facing same teams over and over and not having any new playoff rivals.

I'm 100% sure they'll eventually change it because IMO it's just a crappy way to force rivalries by forcing same division playoff matchups. It will get old eventually.

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