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12-06-2011, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by JackFr View Post
Hater's gonna hate, but I love the dramatic turn this series has taken. The past two seasons basically Flanderized every character (look it up) and it's nice to have evidence that I still care about them.

Anyone whining that we need the mother... honestly, if you watch the show to find out who the mother is you're an idiot. The mother is just a framing device, the heart of the show is the characters.
That's exactly what happened. They've all become cartoonish and over-exaggerated. It's the same thing that happened to Friends went it went on for too long. Joey got dumber, Ross got zanier, Monica got more obsessive compulsive.

In general, they stretch too much for laughs now. I think Robin punching Barney out three times last night is an example. In season 1, they would have made that bathroom scene sweet and realistic yet funny instead of taking it way over the top. (See "pause" and "unpause" from the end of season 1 as a perfect example of what the show used to do soooo well.)

It's had its moments this year, but I don't know what to expect from episode to episode. Some like the Victoria ones earlier in the season were reasonably well handled. And some were beyond ridiculous and over-the-top (ie Nora with a missing tooth, a rat in her hair, and a suicidal jumper).

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