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12-06-2011, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
Two more seasons, two more seasons...two....
And a movie!

Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
I'm not a hater and I'm not whining. I've followed this show religiously since the beginning. But something new needs to happen. A gamechanger. People could skip most of the past couple of seasons and still not have missed much. Yes, individually the stories are interesting, but the show is based on the building towards meeting the mother. And that, is taking a ****ing long time.

You may like it, I think they are just wasting time.
I think this is a sitcom which a lot of drama lovers watch hence the complaints. To enjoy a sitcom, forget about the overall plot and whatnot, I mean, people (not as much now) still enjoy The Simpsons or Family Guy and the characters on those shows are the same age. I watch this show hoping to laugh, don't really care for plot development or whatever. HIMYM though attracts a lot of people who wouldn't normally watch this type of sitcom b/c it has this whole build up going but of course they're gonna fill it up with irrelevant crap in between if it lasts this many seasons...I mean, every sitcom would do that. It's just that in the last couple seasons, the focus of the show has been on moving the plot forward so people get impatient when it does filler stuff.

Also, I agree that the Robin talking to her imaginary kids was kinda BS. They could've done the story without that part but the show writers love to try and be dramatic and create some suspense which is why a lot of the newer episodes are hit and miss. In the older ones, not as much was happening but MOST of the time they didn't resort to these types of cheap tricks. Also, everyone has an idea of how they want the plot to move so when it does some type of deviation like this then they get pissed. It was a relatively funny episode overall for me, could've done without the whole cheap angle of the fake kids though.

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